National Conference 2016
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March 29 - July 19
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July 20 - Aug. 23
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Preconference Seminars
Thursday, September 22, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 




T301 Tools of the Trade

John Serafine, Director of Counseling, Fairport High School, NY

Designed to accelerate skill development and heighten knowledge about college admission, this workshop augments the skills of new or nearly-new secondary school counselors with strategies, best practices, and effective counseling techniques to help them guide students through the college admission process. Topics include: creating the ideal counseling office, writing letters of recommendation, mock admission exercises, the Common Application, summer enrichment programs, the financial aid process, and scholarship search.

T302 Swimming With the Sharks - A Sequel


David Prutow, Independent Consultant, College Goals, HI

This seminar offers a candid presentation on the intricacies of the changing admission playing field and seeks to enhance counselor understanding of the complexities in the admission process. As never before, fewer students are attending their top choice school; economic considerations are becoming a bigger factor in their college decisions; alternative admission options loom; testing is changing. Holistic reviews not only look for academic/extracurricular performance but also try to interpret students’ personalities and value to their communities. As the higher education landscape changes and student demographics shift, there is a growing consensus that we need to challenge our universities to prove their value.

T303 CRM Implementation: Insights and Best Practices


Aaron Mahl, Enrollment Management Consultant, Scannell & Kurz, NY

Tonishea Jackson, Director of Admission, Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne
Mateo Remsburg, Associate Director- Office of Admission, University of Utah

Implementing a new CRM is an exciting journey that requires collaboration across campus as well as strong leadership. This session provides helpful insights for institutions at different stages of the CRM process, including making the case for the investment in CRM, selecting and purchasing the right solution, implementing CRM successfully, and effectively utilizing a system to achieve your enrollment management and communication goals. Hear directly from higher education users on lessons learned, ranging from how to develop a high-quality request for proposal to ensuring you capture key data elements.

T304 Leadership Training: GALLUP® Strengths Development for Admission Leadership


Sarah Engel, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and the Director of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions, Regis University, CO

Intended for admission leadership--directors, deans, chief enrollment officers, and their management teams--this workshop explores the talents of participants, giving them a greater understanding of their strengths. The second half of the workshop focuses on cultivating team and using GALLUP® Strengths for talent development, employee retention, and greater productivity and purpose. Attendees must complete GALLUP® StrengthsFinder 2.0 prior to the workshop to discuss their personalized Signature Themes Report and their Strengths Insight Report. Workshop objectives include self-awareness (achievement through strengths, talents in action, talent mapping, understanding barrier labels) and performance management (talent identification, employee engagement, team strengths grid).

T305 Mindfulness for College Admission Professionals

Natalie Bitton, Director of College Counseling and Guidance, Lycée Français de San Francisco, CA

The brains of college admission professionals, much like those of developing teenagers, can be restructured to reduce stress, improve confidence, and establish resilience through the science and practice of mindfulness. This experiential workshop addresses the neuroscience of mindfulness, how to incorporate mindfulness practices for both you and students, and how the lack of self-care in college admission professionals can impact, impair, and affect working with students and parents. Learn how integrating mindfulness in your work can give you and students the opportunity to engage with your inner counselor and make choices that are socially, psychologically, and physically sound. The vision for this session is to prepare participants to fully participate in the NACAC conference with awareness, presence, and vitality.

T306 Five College Essay Questions Every Counselor Should Be Able to Help Their Students Answer


Ethan Sawyer, Consultant, College Essay Guy, CA

What should I write my essay about? Outline it? Revise it? This session provides 157 specific, concrete resources for answering students’ most pressing essay questions. Learn about innovative strategies to help students add emotional layers and complexity to surface-level essays.

T307 Partnerships, Collaborations and Alliances: Leveraging Recruiting Relationships for Effective International Student Enrollment

Jennifer Wright, Director of Certification and Associate Director, American International Recruitment Council, MD

Ian Cann, Director for ICEF USA, International Consultants for Education and Fairs, Germany
Krista Northup, Director of University Partnerships, Cambridge Education Group, United Kingdom
Thomas Griffin, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management/Services and Director of Undergraduate Admission, North Carolina State University
Ronald Cushing, Director of International Services, University of Cincinnati, OH

At the core of any international recruitment strategy are relationship-based partnerships, collaborations, and alliances. The workshop, led by diverse and experienced international education professionals, explores a range of these relationship-based partnerships, including overseas recruitment agencies, pathway and English language providers, strategic institutional links, paid services, and more. Learn and discuss how effective selection and management of these recruitment relationships can help you enroll a geographic mix of best-fit international students and ensure robust representation across various academic programs and majors.

T308 Counseling Across the Waters: Working for International Student Success in the US Admission Process

Lin Larson, Senior Assistant Director and Senior International Specialist- Office of Undergraduate Admission, University of California- Berkeley

Sam Fleischmann, ‎School Counselor, Hong Kong International School, China
Becky Konowicz, Director of International Admission, Santa Clara University, CA
Anne Corriveau, Senior Associate Director of International Admission, Boston University, MA
Michelle Duschang, Director of International College Counseling, Hisar School, Turkey
Rhonda Leshman, Director of University and Career Counseling, YK Pao School- Shanghai, China

With the number of international student applications to the US increasing, this session outlines best practices and proven methods of helping students complete applications to US universities, including assisting overseas secondary school counselors in understanding nuances of US applications and how universities evaluate these applications. Explore how US campuses can facilitate and prepare for increased enrollments, orientation methods, student services, campus life, and student expectations, and the role overseas counseling staff plays in preparing students for a US campus experience.

T309 Financial Aid: The Basics and Beyond


Tania Rachkoskie, Director of Education and Training, National Association for College Admission Counseling, VA

As professionals assisting students in the transition from high school to college, we understand the basics of the college admission process. What often remains a mystery is the financial aid process. Join us for an engaging and interactive seminar that covers the basics of financial aid, recent changes to FAFSA for 2017–2018, and an in-depth case study exercise that showcases financial aid packaging and deciphering award letters. Bring your questions, concerns, and ideas for improvement.

T310 The Growing Gap Year Trend

Ethan Knight, Executive Director, American Gap Association, OR
Robert Clagett, Director of College Counseling, St. Stephen's Episcopal School, TX

In recent years, the gap year has gained significant momentum—as students and families have come to recognize its value and relation to long-term success. Colleges are seeing the benefits of enrolling more mature, focused students. Learn more about why this trend is growing; tools and resources for your students; and how colleges can support this trend even after enrollment.